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and this next story this next whole show this next entire segment is going to be dedicated to this very notion. you are no offense but you're no longer a young woman in fact you are one of the last living survivors of the nazi ellis asked i'm aware of it. leverage it. all your life. you can never forget america now auschwitz was really like to be inhaled because he would never believe it was a young man can do it too as a hobby horse for 32 years ago if it can be good or bad at all seems so logical for buyers if i were you all make it all right when i get out on the farm saw you take marcel into their next place and hopefully bless your heart hurts.
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the f.t.'s primary role isn't regulation of what the label says it is and there is actually in the us the f.d.a. is not regulating quality production sourcing any of those things they're regulating that what you say is on the label is actually on the label the most shocking thing about the pet food industry that has remained since basically i started doing this work is the f.d.a. compliance policy i still cannot understand how all and industry is provided by a federal tax supported organization loopholes to avoid federal law if you go to the f.d.a. website and just type in compliance policies and then scroll down the pains to animal feed and and there's one after another they allow contamination by pesticides containing nation by chemicals containment. natural toxins
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contamination of micro biological contamination over tolerance for. drug residue. it's incredible. the law says that can be but the compliance policy says. go ahead. enforce. for all practical purposes there's nobody looking out for the average dog in 2006 the mystery illness began to sicken thousands of pets across the united states and canada thrusting the industry into the spotlight like never before. ok everyone is so forget about this recall tell us what do people need to know about this recall so it's menu food menu foods menu foods menu foods on any on march 16th 2007 many foods began recalling dog foods produced in their facilities in kansas and new jersey what disturbs me about this incident is that it confirms yet again
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the pet food as well as human food is a risk more than 60000000 packages were taken off store shelves last month because they apparently contained wheat gluten that was tainted with the chemical melamine veterinarian offices are getting flooded with phone calls from concerned that oh in the people on the other end of the phone sound more and yes very wary yes no official estimates on exactly how many have died so far but hundreds of pets have suffered my strong belief is that they were intentionally delaying the recall happened because they thought they were purchasing a certain protein product called wheat gluten that has actually a pretty high protein count when in fact they were buying wheat flour that had been laced with sign your it acid and melamine in order to pass it off as weak with the way they test protein sources is to do this to touch at the level of hydrogen in it and both sign erik acid and melamine have high levels of hydrogen so they just would inject the. we'd flour with this these poisons and then pass it off as weak
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luden and the reason they were doing that is that we couldn't cause a lot more per protein count per ton then. that's 100 have you gotten sick or died from eating the food made by menu foods that company make dog and cat in under 90 brand name in 2007 pet owners didn't have any idea that one manufacturer menu made hundreds of different varieties of food that was a betrayal of trust just so many pet owners this is leading people to wonder at this point what can we safely feed our pets during its a night is recalling a batch of its purina one dog food memory definitely i was sitting in my little office i got a call out of the blue from a woman named don. who told me that she wanted to bring a lawsuit against the entire pet food industry they knew they had contaminated food
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they knew it was poison they knew it killed animals and they continued to or sell it and put it on the market and used don't do that but it's a it's a money market they were making money and i wanted it stopped c.b.s. news has learned a tainted wheat gluten used in pet food was human grave meaning nothing but love kept it from being used in the food people eat too the moshav king aspect discovered in 2 sub committee hearings was that the ingredient used in the pet foods there was responsible for killing the animals was actually legal to use in human foods on top of that the f.d.a. admitted that there was no penalty given to a company if they failed to notify the f.d.a. in a reasonable amount of time. in this case menu foods faced criticism for failing to notify the f.d.a. for over 3 weeks even after they confirm dogs and cats were dying and they knew the
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calls but other than complain about the ethics no one in a government position could find many foods for allowing the food to continue to be sold even though they knew animals would die as a result but many foods would not testify the lobby group that came in its tice was left to explain why many of the cosmetic now there has to make animal think on it february 20th they didn't tell the f.d.a. 3 weeks earlier that let's get the record straight now the menu waited more than 3 weeks after finding out that the dogs wouldn't eat their food and were getting sick they waited 3 weeks i don't have the facts on menu senator i don't i think you read or you came to the hearing you would have the facts and on the industry side they were still maintaining that they were highly regulated though the evidence exposed by the recall appeared to confirm the fear that the industry wasn't regulated very much that foods are indeed a highly regulated product they are perhaps the most regulated product in the
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supermarket shop. mr nelson was very clear in his statement that africa has no regulatory authority and we've been told by the f.d.a. that there is no pre-market approval of this product sold to consumers we know that there's no regular inspection of the facilities that make these products what we are told is that 30 percent of these facilities will be inspected once or twice over a 3 and a half year period we know that there is no government authority to recall a contaminated product we know that there was no mandatory state inspection standards established by the food and drug administration cross the united states we know that the claims being made on the label here about this dog food or beyond the claims that could be made about human food. and we are told at least dr hudgins has told us that it's questionable as to whether or not a company that makes a contaminated pet food has to report to anyone about adverse events in
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a timely fashion whether a dog has died or dogs are dying when i go through a long list of things it's hard to conclude this is a highly regulated product we're starting recalls grabbing you know chicken jerky that's killing thousands of pats we can't identify the source of that contaminate that's still killing pat that's scary after the 2007 recall another mysterious illness began to play dogs all across the country it was soon discovered that consumers who purchased various brands of chicken jerky treats to reward their dogs were actually poisoning their pets instead owners were devastated to find their dogs either sick or dead after consuming these so-called treats we went in our and my wife was looking at the tree aisle there she saw. judy chicken treats then she's like well why don't we just want to try these this is the only thing i see is just chicken so i agree you know and we brought it home and we felt it and.
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didn't take long before we saw the big changes. and what stands out in my mind from buying them that day is that i looked at the bags and they appeared they really had this almost organic good for you feel about the packaging and so we grabbed 3 packages it was around christmas time that we bought them and we put them on the stockings for the dogs so i remember getting them because they looked so good for the dogs while sally was at the vet i knew that she had in the majlis treats so while she was there i went online and i started researching and i was sick to find that there was just this huge amount of information about these chicken jerky treats. it was milo's it was canyon creek it was wagon train there were dead dogs there were dying dogs dogs with just crazy problems from them the american
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companies selling the chicken jerky were all sourcing their treats from one single manufacturing facility in china even though they were labeled and sold as several different brands a practice known as white labeling over a span of years the companies involved strongly deny that their products were causing any such harm even though thousands of complaints were pouring in from their consumers since 2007 the f.d.a. has extensively tested many brands of chicken jerky treats including ours that testing has identified no contaminants and no definitive cause linking these products to report it illnesses in dogs in the initial stages of backlash companies tried to get consumers to sign nondisclosure agreements which would have barred consumers from legally speaking about the death of their pets a way to silence the very victims this had happened to be offered money in exchange for signatures but their bribery backfired offended pet owners refuse the money
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even banning together on a facebook page to share their stories and information to try and get the products recalled from the store shelves and i when i came down in the morning i checked on her and she was breathing issues leaping and i went upstairs to take a shower and i heard her food bowl go across the floor and i go in cali's of it and i took a shower and then i came back downstairs and she was dead and stuff. flooded everywhere. oh that hurts us. no one. was. overseeing. so when. i received. their call center.
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it was almost scripted her response to me anyway. becoming a dying on age thing. the f.d.a. did and they did an extensive amount of testing they did as. you know and. have not been enabling any of those reports a concern was put on the internet nor has there been any contaminant. on the market . can get. you know any. new. as far as you know a death or anything like like i said anything that has ever been reported they have to step down and there's never been any contaminant trying to link any of those don't that that's what it was crystal clear that the products were not coming off the shelves any time soon. rachel chambers of morgan hill
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lost her dog cali yesterday morning she says it was a sudden and painful death that found that she died after her stomach twisted and ruptured but it remains undetermined what caused that to happen according to the f.d.a. nearly $1000.00 owners have complained about this product despite the f.d.a. warnings that are still on shelves at target walmart cosco and pet smart and it's somewhat frustrating because. we haven't been able to find a problem with the product we say yes there are secure animals we believe there's strong evidence and so share with that but we don't look at the product and we've tested for numerous things and we haven't been able to find anything that would suggest that this product right here there's a problem sometimes toxic ingredients are a combination of things sometimes a toxic ingredient you know is is when you mix this with that and then that creates the problem so if you're looking for just one thing it's hard to know what that is
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. god god god god 5 different. as the democrats gear up to officially start their 2020 presidential primary it is
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fitting to assess donald trump's performance in office a report card of sorts where is he kept his promises and where has he come up short will any of this really matter in november. the chicken jerky issue lasted until 2013 nearly 6 years after the 1st complaints were made upon investigation the new york state department of agriculture discovered illegal traces of antibiotics. in the treat even though it couldn't be proven that the antibiotics had directly caused the deaths of the pets it was a technical adulterant needed for the state department to force these companies to withdraw the products in question from the shelves the trace amounts of antibiotic residue found in the samples are not linked to the f.d.a. as ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products and again the trace amounts of antibiotic residue do not pose a health or pet safety risk when death or sickness is involved the cards appear to
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be stacked against consumers this is because according to the united states government your beloved companion is considered property that is worth little to no monetary value is very difficult to put a value on companion animals the courts have struggled with this where really comes down to a struggle is what are the damages to somebody who has had a pet that's been injured or killed. for the most part and they're still considered a piece of property most courts are willing to just do the quickest possible analysis which is you know what if you pay for the animal how much did you suffer in terms of veterinarian veterinarian bills or that kind of thing in terms of caring for the animal and you know that's what you're able to recover rather than the sort of emotional connection that you have with the animal or that kind of thing in 2015 government agencies value human life between $6.00 and $9000000.00 to provide some leverage to consumers in the unfortunate case that injury or death were to occur in contrasts within the pet food world no such evaluation exists even
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in the largest of class action lawsuits the money awarded to victims whose pets have been directly harmed by pet food is insignificant when compared to the massive profits that companies make each year. so as far as profits are involved there is no incentive for companies to do what consumers believe is the right thing i'm sebastian gay and i'm the father of a theory of economy valuation of companion animals providing an economic valuation for companion animals creates a formula which can then be used to fairly evaluate the worth of a dog or cat the main problem in devaluation of companion animals was the discrepancy that existed between the true value of the companion animal that veterinarians were giving you in case something happened to them and the amount of money that people were spending on their companion animals if settlements like the $1.00 in 2007 were not in the millions but instead in the hundreds of millions that
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alone would be a game changer for corporations who would be under serious pressure to prevent recalls at all costs i don't think the playing field has entirely changed but i might soon you know it takes a big case i think to to really change everything. susan to extend their run the website truth about pet food dot com. i started teaching people about pet food before the website began about 20 years ago my own dog almost overnight we noticed a tumor on her pulp and took her to the that any tell me that the it was a chemical preservative in the past food was more than likely this was bunk cancer and this chemical preservative in the food was more than likely the cause of the cancer and i know my brain couldn't wrap my head around that how could
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a food that i trusted in this was the leading food in the united states at the time how could a food cause cancer and kill my dog and he said it was to extend the shelf i will back then i barely knew what shelf life was but i called this pet trade manufacture just to confirm because there was growing doubting my own vet and asked them what the shelf life was of this particular dog food and what they told me literally changed my life and their exact words which are seared into my brain or the shelf life the pet food would stay fresh for 25 years there was that many chemicals in the food that the food would stay fresh for more than 3 times longer than my dog left when you have. our cat that pet food kills. your own pet and new poor and that food in their ball so you feel
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really responsible it is life altering this is an interesting quandary for the dry food industry because there if you want to do things they'd either have to come up with more information to be able to bash the raw food industry or the 2nd option is they have to listen to what clients are asking for which means really educated clients or are going to the veterinarian saying i want to see meat 1st. well i don't want to see extra carbohydrates i want to see no additional fillers preservatives or a necessary ingredients on the label so some of these fat foods have wisely decided to join the bandwagon this wild ancestors of your dog using the same branch marketing style that the major pet food companies established one company would soon challenge the industry's obsessive use and stance on grain feature dogs real spirit was wilderness in their commercials blue buffalo took
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a bold step questioning ingredient i compare the ingredients and lots of them corn gluten meal to share exactly that is this style of marketing word agreed quickly catapulting blue buffalo into a $1000000000.00 brand blue life protection food are made with the finest natural ingredients and start with real meat as they say you know you've made it when you're parodied on saturday night live round a yellow corn chicken by product meal the thing that gets me is like what kind of person thinks it's ok to put a big drawing of a chicken on the front of the bag and yet there's no chicken and there are you know one other comment i just can we make you like you have sex so i am back down again they want to get. the one company wasn't seeing the humor here rena and won't buffalo are locked in a nasty battle and it's all about what's inside those bags of dog and cat food. some people try to tell you that your dog is a carnivore and requires only a diet of meat they may tell you your dog is like a girl but even
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a little stud is built on more than just meat blue buffalo claims its head food is free of chicken and poultry by products this suit alleges testing at an independent lab found significant percentages of poultry byproducts male and blue buffalo's top selling life protection products appearing in a suit blue buffalo for fulton advertising eventually leading to a class action lawsuit purina launched a website called pet food honesty. the irony of the entire lawsuit however was peer in his own lack of transparency when it came to their own products they refused to answer questions on camera about the quality or source of their own ingredients. since you guys are suing we buffalo for like transparency and green and i just wanted to get you guys an opportunity to talk to the stillman the consumers about the transparency of your own ability and. i will add there's a long after purina failed to respond to our request we tried again. you don't have
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a idea of a day when every guys look like birds on. well i will not be responding so i am not sure it's kind of up to. you know when he will receive and this lawyer has had the information piri know would not defend their own alleged lack of true transparency we reached out to blue buffalo as well who also refused to go on camera if this really was about transparency and honesty why was no one talking about the market for premium for is growing the fastest poor pet parents seeking interest and natural food for their dogs and with american part owners expected to spend nearly 2 to 3000000 dollars this year on food for these treasured members of the family the stakes are high the american holistic veterinarian medical says the annual conference we have all of these great food suppliers that are there not only discussing the products that exchanging ideas everyone's very open veterinarians
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are capable of going from book to bill to get an idea what the products are about how their manufactured ingredient list the owners of these small pet food companies are are passionate and wildly passionate about the products they're producing and they're eager to speak with you and they want you to know more and they want you to ask questions. most companies that attended the trade show were happy to speak with our cameras around to show off their products and transparency. but when we revisited the science diet booth with our questions about the species appropriateness of their products in the sourcing of their diets we refused interviews in instructed to contact their media apartment team so we did. a review but he also had an attrition i just wanted to write you know that decided not to participate in the documentary all other major pet food brands also flat out refused or ignored multiple requests to participate in this town.
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hall. for the world independent pet stores are now offering a solution to the growing population of concerned pet owners. for almost their entire existence major pet food stores only carry dry or canned food while independent stores are adequately addressed in the concerns of their customers by selling wrong d. hydrated or alternative diets the industry has felt the threat of the independent pet stores popping up across the nation in reaction they've launched their own chain of smaller stores with the appearance that what they're offering is healthier . so many well intentioned customers are still left wondering what is the right thing to do. in the end it isn't about perfect it's just about knowing i just happened see. increased health when you really can feed a biologically appropriate diet we shouldn't history so far from it in the 1st
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place we have going to have to get that there eventually i'd like to see that i believe is that guardians our job is to eat the best possible food that we can afford to feed and many people cannot afford to feed that or call it quits so even within your dry food choices there are better quality dry food choices and there are terrible quality food choices and it's your job as a pet guardian to be able to know enough about nutrition to make wise health decisions for your pot with profits as their main goal the cycle will continue on and on again and again and when no end in sight. i heard. i. guess. i.
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2 the.
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just one magic bullet you could actually come up with something to top with his baby bond talk about ways we get access capital and capitalism cavil's important so we could actually have programs that actually help folks who want to do that but when you give everybody a $1000.00 i'm a poor person i'm going to consume that and then you're rich you're going to invest that equity the wealth disparity is going to grow because you're not using your money did that consume your literally buy more crazy things and then my landlord knowing that i got a $1000.00 and you just go raise my rent so then you get your fledging going on in there. that's geysers financial supply in this case a little bell it. looks like jesus this is
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a central plank support diet plan is going to cover my nose. he stopped. just need. to keep the slime you want to smear the focus on domestic use that he's the one. you see in the. most with nobody. who believe. you know. what. you know you know you well you don't let us. know what.
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the. u.s. secretary of state mike peo outlines america's strategy of terror and seeing the killing of the arena in general calcium someone made me was part of an overall approach will apply to russia to china. and french doctors and hospital workers resign from administrative claiming the government is failing to provide proper funding for the health sector. it was a b. no strike for several months and hospitals and emergency services unions have been sounding the alarm politically nothing has been done the problem.


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